P & ID Logic

P & ID Logic e-Learning has been created to teach people within the oil and gas, processing and power generation industries, how to follow and comprehend piping and instrument diagrams. This is done by initially describing how to understand and recognize piping symbols and the line numbering process. This creates an understanding of piping class, product mediums, valve types and equipment that create a process system.

P &ID Logic e-Learning utilises custom built 3D models of the P & ID, to easily locate plant and equipment from the diagrams. Equipment is highlighted on the diagram and subsequently shown on the 3D models. This allows the users to get a visual sense on how personnel use P&IDs to locate and identify plant and equipment in the field, design and implement isolations for maintenance activities and to setup systems for operational use.

This e-Learning package is suitable for people within the industry such as graduate engineers, personnel new to the industry and those seeking an understanding of this skillset.

Customised Training Packages

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