P and ID Logic is aimed at those wanting an understanding in how the Piping and Instrument Diagrams work and the importance of gaining working knowledge of them.

This specific competency is achieved by utilising an interactive 3D model to simulate plant and equipment in the work place together with clear and concise P & ID examples.

The advantage of the interactive 3D Model is that it allows users to scroll through and select items within the program at a click of the mouse. This highlights the item and gives details on the size, description and type of equipment. This feature is minimised as the user gains confidence with system, allowing them to rely on other taught techniques to locate equipment. This in turn allows for realistic scenarios that will occur in the workplace, enhancing the training experience.

The benefits of understanding P & ID’s

This competency will assist in the following –

  • Enable positive identification of equipment in the field.
  • Assist in developing Isolations for maintenance activities.
  • Enable the review and peer checks of mechanical process Isolations onsite.
  • Improve prospects of working in roles such as supervision, permits and other lead positions.

Flange and Equipment Identification

The course also outlines the identification of both size and class of flanges based on the ASME B16.5 2017 Standard for Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings.

Customised Training Packages

LogiSequence can develop customised training packages based on your requirements. The software developers have experience with 3D modelling, virtual reality and multimedia media content. We would like to hear from you regarding your organisations requirements.