What is the Interactive training format?

The Interactive format engages and involves all participants by allowing them to undertake real life simulations without having to be at a specific work location. In our first released package we developed training for personnel wishing to learn the ability of P & ID drawing interpretation. We have created 3D models and easily read P & ID examples so that the user can develop the basic skills needed to competently undertake tasks such as line walking and equipment identification once onsite.

All our programs use a variety of learning techniques to ensure the user has the best opportunity of absorbing the information presented. This includes quizzes, demonstrations and a hint section for general tips on obtaining the answers.

What are the advantages of the Interactive training format?

We believe this type of training provides a stress-free learning environment. This is largely due to the training package being self-paced and the fact that it may be undertaken in a location of the users choice. We believe when training is undertaken onsite there could be factors including noise, hazardous areas and environmental conditions that make the learning process more difficult.